Nicholas Allott (co-author of Chomsky, Ideas and Ideals) – Introductory remarks:

Jackie Walker (former vice-chair of Momentum) – A black, Jewish activist’s take on the responsibility of intellectuals: (and Q&A:

Kriszta Szendroi (senior lecturer in linguistics at UCL) – Value-system and intensity; a tribute to the late Tanya Reinhart: and (Q&A)

Milan Rai (author of Chomsky’s Politics) – The propaganda model and the British nuclear weapons debate: and (Q&A)

Chris Knight (author of Decoding Chomsky) – Speaking truth to power from within the heart of the Empire: and (Q&A)

Craig Murray (former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan) – The abdication of responsibility: and (Q&A)

Noam Chomsky – Video from Arizona:

To see Chris Knight's response to Chomsky's comments about MIT's war research, click HERE.